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CCC Syllabubs online complete information about the course on computer concepts by NIELIT. Here we cover the complete syllabus about Course on computer concepts. If you need any more information related to CCC. You can contact us here. For More:

Course on Computer Concepts or CCC is a certificate examination conducted by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. It is a basic beginner level examination on the topic of Computers and its peripherals.

The course was set up by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology recently in order to increase the I.T. Literacy of our country. This examination targets the interiors of the huge country that India is, effectively.

In this article, we will learn about what the syllabus is for the CCC examination. The course of subjects that any aspirant needs to read for the same examination.

CCC Syllabus In Detail Information

There are 9 major topics that you need to cover. We will discuss all of them in detail. There are three aspects of covering every topic in Course on computer concepts.

  • Theory
  • Tutorial
  • Practical

Since this course or certification examination is on the basics of computers, a decent level of English is a pre-requisite. Otherwise, it will be tough to understand certain terms which will be helpful for the learning process ahead.

The duration of the course is as follows:

  • Theory: 25 Hrs
  • Practical: 50 Hrs
  • Tutorial: 5 hrs.

This course can also be offered as 10 days full-time intensive course. Here on, all the topics are discussed in detail one by one:

1. Introductions to Computers:

This topic deals with the basic question of What is a Computer. You have to learn the basics and the components of a Computer.

And by components, it doesn't mean all the physical parts but the generalized topic of differentiation.

You will have to learn about Hardware and Software and representation of data as well. Besides, one of the most important topics is the storage of information part. In Practical and Tutorial, you'll do a live practice.

2. Introduction to Windows:

In the Introduction to Windows, you'll have to learn about what an Operating system is and what are the basics of Windows.

It will familiarize you with the User Interface of Windows such as using the desktop icons, the mouse and other things.

In a more advanced setup, you'll learn about Windows settings such as

  • Control Panel usage
  • Setting up of wallpapers
  • Date and time etc.

In the end, you'll learn about Right-click option, notepad, windows accessories etc.

3. Basic DOS Commands:

In this topic, you'll learn about the comparison of DOS and Windows. The working of both of these especially. You will also learn about the basic DOS commands. The bais DOS commands include:

  • File/Directory manipulations
  • Copying of files and disks.
  • Delete/Undelete
  • Formatting a floppy

4. Elements of Word Processing:

In this topic, you will learn about the basic of Word Processing. Word Processing is known as Microsoft Word handling in layman terms. There are several things you will learn here such as:

  • Opening Word Processing Package
  • The Menu Bar
  • Using the Help
  • Using the Icons below the menu bar

After these basics of Microsoft Word Processing, you will get to learn more about the advanced parts of it such as:

  • Print Setup
  • Save and Save As
  • Formatting
  • Drafting etc.

5. Spread Sheet:

As we had discussed in the previous point about Microsoft Word, in this case, we will be discussing Microsoft Excel. This is the next topic in the syllabus for CCC exam. Excel spreadsheets are downright necessary for accounting purposes in whatever scale of business possible.

Here are the main sub-topics that you will have to learn:

  • Elements of Electronic Spread Sheet
  • Manipulation of Cells
  • Providing Formulas
  • Spreadsheets for small accounting etc

6. Computer Communication and Internet:

Here, as we all know, come the two big daddies on the field of computer studies: Internet and WWW. As we all know, the communication aspect has picked up exponentially over the years. So this will be a huge topic to go through in detail.

The sub-topics that you will have to study are as follows:

  • Basics of Computer Networks like LAN, WAN.
  • Concepts and Application of Internet
  • Services on the Internet

7. WWW and Web Browsers:

The WWW or World Wide Web is one of the biggest inventions as far as computers are concerned. You will learn about how the World Wide Web operates and how you can avail of the services of the Internet with the use of a Web Browser.

The top two topics that you will have to through are:

  • Web browsing software
  • Surfing the Internet

8. Email:

Emails, as we all know, have overtaken the regular postal mails in our daily life. In this topic, you will be learning about the basics of email, creating IDs and other important stuff.

The most noted sub-topics that you should cover are:

  • Basics of electronic mail
  • Using Emails
  • Document handling etc

9. Making Small Presentations:

And finally, you will have to learn about Microsoft Powerpoint. It is a software from Microsoft where you will have to create a presentation in the form of written or graphical slides on any specific given topic.

The sub-topics that you will have to follow are:

  • Basics
  • Creation of Presentation
  • Preparation of slides
  • Providing aesthetics
  • Slide manipulation and slideshow
  • Presentation of slides

Books for Reference

  • C.S. French "Data Processing and Information Technology", BPB Publications 1998
  • P.K Sinha `Computer Fundamentals`, BPB Publications, 1992
  • Guy Hart-Davis "The ABCs of Microsoft Office 97 Professional edition", BPB Publications, 1998
  • Karl Schwartz, "Microsoft Windows 98 Training Guide", 1998.
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