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CCC Certificate download from Official website and procedure on how to download it. Here we cover step by step information about CCC. You can also give a sample free CCC online test here.

People from various walks of life are urged to appear for this course. This course helps with the knowledge on Basics of Computers and other important information.

CCC helps people with normal daily needs with the use of computers.

With the sudden outburst of digitization and the whole world becoming more and more connected now, authorities are pushing everywhere so that people get acclimatized to the situations and start using their computers for their ventures or services.

CCC Certificate Download Procedure

In order to get to know about your result and download your certificate, you need to check whether your certificate details are in the eligibility criteria or not. To do that you need to follow several steps:

The website on first loading would look like this:

CCC Certificate

As you can see, there are two details that you need to mention. Firstly, either you need to enter your serial number or your roll number/registration number.

  • All these numbers would be allotted to you on your admit card.
  • The roll number/registration number will be a numeric string of certain digits allotted to you on your admit card.

Enter the same correctly, along with the six-digit CAPTCHA code. This code is for security authentication purposes.

Make sure you enter the details correctly otherwise you will be getting wrong info on the results screen. Download the next page for future use, if you want to.

Steps To Download

After going with checking the certificate details as mentioned in the previous heading, we will now go with the downloading of the certificate part. Here as well, you will have to follow a certain set of steps.

The CCC certificate can be downloaded anytime and anywhere. You can then get the certificate laminated and use it as an addon with your resume. It will help you with finding jobs which require basic computer knowledge.

The steps that you need to follow are as follows:

  • Visit the official certificate download page:
  • Fill in all the details
  • Choose verification code receiving mode
  • Enter the verification code
  • Download the certificate

Detailing on the steps mentioned above, firstly you need to visit the official website to download the Course on Computer Concepts or CCC Certificate.

The webpage on first loading would look like this:

CCC Certificate Download

As mentioned above, you need to first choose what certificate you need to download. Since this is the CCC Certificate, you need to click on Regular Certificate.

For other exams, you can check accordingly, as given above in the parenthesis.

After that, you need to select the course for which you have appeared for. In this case, it is CCC or Course on Computer Concepts.

In the next option, you need to mention the year and month of the examination that you have appeared for.

Later, you have a few important details to fill in such as:

  • Roll number
  • Student Date of Birth
  • 6-digit CAPTCHA code

Check your details carefully and hit on the Submit option. After that, you will have to select one of the two verification code methods namely:

  • Mobile
  • Email

Enter the verification code carefully and then click on Submit. You will be redirected to the Certificate page where you can download it.

Take a print out of it and laminate it for secure future use.

CCC Syllabus In Detail

The syllabus for the Course on Computer Concepts is pretty simple and straightforward. It comprises mainly of almost all of the elementary level things that one needs to cover beforehand in order to gain full knowledge about a computer in general.

The course duration is a total of 80 hours, divided into three different types of teaching ways such as:

  • Theory 
  • Tutorial
  • Practical

The syllabus for the Course on Computer Concepts examination is as follows:

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Introduction to Windows
  • Basic Disk Operating System Commands
  • Elements of Word Document Processing
  • Spreadsheets and details about it
  • Computer Communication and Internet
  • World Wide Web and Web Browsers
  • Emails
  • Making Small Presentations

As you can see, pretty much all of the topics are self-explanatory here. Firstly, the candidate goes through the initial stages of the quest for IT Knowledge.

The candidate will learn more about Computers in general.

Later on, the Windows is briefed on through the classes. The basics of Windows and DOS commands are explained where simple, beginner-level accomplishments can be made easily.

Once this is done, the bigger picture comes into play where the candidates go through the working and implementation of their knowledge in the fields of Word, Excel and Powerpoint programs.

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