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Student  NIELIT - CCC  Exam Paper Pattern


The Examination for this Course on Computer Concept or CCC will be conducted by the Studnet-NIELIT as per the calendar of the events 2018 to 2019. The following are the instructions and guidelines which are to be followed during the CCC Examination.

  • This NIELIT CCC Test comprises 100 Multiple choice questions of one mark each.
  • The candidate has to attempt 100 questions in 90 minutes.
  • Here we also added, Student NIELIT CCC online Test 50 Questions - mock test.
  • There will be no negative marking for a wrong answer.
  • To get qualified, the candidate has to score at least 50% of marks out of 100.

During the examination, the candidate can know the status of each and every 50 Fundamental question on the Question Palette. This Palette is displayed on the right side of the screen using various colors for each and every status.

Any Student who self-studied for the Course can be able to apply for the CCC Online Test as a direct candidate for the examination. 

Student NIELIT - CCC Online Course


NIELIT CCC refers to the Course on Computer Concepts which was designed to impart the basic level of IT Knowledge from a Common man.

After Completing the Course, the candidate can be able to use some of his/her basic fundamentals of Computer for some purposes like personal letters, receiving and sending emails, creating his/her business presentations.

Any Student who is from a Government recognized Colleges/Schools can attend this course. This Course total duration will be 80 Hours in which every hour of the course is classified or divided as below.

Everyone who is running small business communities can be able to attend this course which is well designed with the practical orientation. You can know the Eligibility Criteria for the Course also the pattern of the CCC examination. The mock test has been available in सीसीसी ऑनलाइन test in Hindi & English.

Not only that, There are also other Courses which were launched by NIELIT, Now students can also get the certification on this course as well.

Eligibility Criteria


The candidates can appear for the NIELIT CCC Examination via the three below-mentioned modes. The eligibility criteria for each mode is mentioned alongside as well:

The candidates who are sponsored directly by the NIELIT: approved Institutes are allowed to conduct CCC course. This particular mode of applying has no bounds as far as the educational qualifications are concerned.

The candidates sponsored by any Government recognized schools or colleges: having acquired a Unique Identity Number from NIELIT for conducting CCC - irrespective of any educational qualifications, as mentioned in the point above as well.

Direct applicants, without necessarily undergoing the Accredited Course: or without being sponsored by any Government recognized School or College can go for it, irrespective of any educational qualifications.

NIELIT CCC Online Basics

As you can see, on the top right side, you have the case of logging in to the website for further surfing and use of various other services.

In order to get to that particular section, you need to register yourself first with the options available in this website.

On the bottom right corner of the website, you can see several options such as:

You can go for either of the above depending on what you specifically want to have a look at. There are quite a few courses or certifications that you can go for.

However, for the IT Literacy programme specifically, you have four options such as:

  • Basic Computer Course (BCC)
  • Course on Computer Concepts (CCC)
  • CCC Plus (CCCP)
  • Expert Computer Course (ECC)
About Course On Computer Concepts

Here, we will be discussing CCC or Course on Computer Concepts. This is a scheme launched by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. This is led by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.

This course has been specifically materialized to impart a basic level of IT Literacy programme. This has been the most efficient way of making a common man normally skilled with the most basic PC abilities through student NIELIT.

Not only from a personal viewpoint of any specific person, the PC penetration also increases dramatically across all the different walks of life, especially in the interiors where there is less exposure towards the digital world.

This particular course seemingly helps small business communities, homemakers etc who are trying to break into the digital ocean of knowledge and accessibility. The basic purposes that can be learned from this course are:

  • Preparing one's personal/business letters
  • Viewing information on the Internet
  • Sending and receiving emails.
  • Planning and enhancing business presentations.
  • Developing small databases etc.